Hollow Bearer VS-BF

The hollow bearer VS-BF enables the integration of a locking device and all necessary drice- and detection rods as well. Thus it can be positioned in the ballast just as a standard railway sleeper. This enables a mechanical and automatic tamping of the complete pair of switches and leads to an increased position stability of the turnout. All accessory equipment, such as slide plates and fastening elements, is well concerted and optionally part of the scope of supply pre-assembled.

Cover profiles protect the integrated components against severe environmental conditions and dirt. For maintenance and inspection, the covers can be easily dismantled. For the use of a heater within the hollow bearer, according cable ducts are foreseen.

On customers request, the bottom side can be provided with an elastic footing. This protects the ballast, increases position stability and improves the dynamic and accoustic properties of the trackwork.

The design of VS-BF can be tailor-made to customers requirements.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Increases position stability of the turnout
  • enables mechanical tamping eithin the pair of switches
  • Higher resistance to lateral displacement
  • Higher availability of the turnout due to less errors
  • Easy inspection possible
  • Integration of a heating system possible
  • Protected against severe environmental conditions and dirt
  • Elastic footing possible