Low-maintenance switch locking devices

The low maintenance switch locking device is part of the latest generation of low-maintenance and minimum lubrication switch locking devices and helps to reduce railway switch maintenance costs. Current types are the WKV 22, the BFL 22 and the new integrative claw lock EVZ. The EVZ has been developed by CDP for and with Deutsche Bahn AG.

The locking device can replace old rigid designs or other locking devices without big efforts. By using materials with special antifriction properties, slight re-greasing of the sliding surfaces is now only required as part of the switch inspections.

The locking device is self-regulating in the event of temperature conditioned longitudinal displacements of up to +/- 35 mm. The clamp can be adjusted via an eccentric bolt; grinding, otherwise usually required during installation, is not necessary. The main components are die-forged and therefore fulfill highest safety requirements.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Minimum lubrication
  • Adjustable clamp position
  • Temperature conditioned movement +/- 35 mm
  • Highest stability and reliability by using die forged components


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