Slide Chair plates

CDP Slide Chair Plates for the pair of switches fulfill highest demands in regard to design, functionality and quality. CDP has both, access to a wide range of existing designs for various applications and the ability to develop tailor-made solutions for its customers.

Thereby, all relevant parameters are taken into account. Hence, all common fastening systems for the inner stock rail bracing are available and also the outside fastening system can be chosen individually by the customer.

Usually CDP slide chair plates are made of cast iron and will be machined ready for installation according to specification. Moreover, slide chair plates in welded construction are part of the product portfolio, mostly for special designs and smaller demands.

All slide plates can be treated with NiCr or molybdenum surface coating. Therefore, the slide chair plates lend itself - especially in combination with CDP switch rollers – to a lubrication free operation of the turnout with reduced setting force.


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