Switch roller systems RV

The low-maintenance and lubrication free switch roller system RV is available as an integrated and a retrofit version. The integrated switch roller device consists of a modified slide chair plate with the pre-assembled switch roller. The installation is executed on the sleeper and therefore does not impair the mechanical tamping.

The retrofit switch roller device consists of a carrier and the pre-assembled switch roller. This will be clamped at the stockrail foot in between two sleepers. This enables a simple and fast retrofitting of existing turnouts.

The closed switch blade constantly rests on the slide chairs. During movement, the switch blade is lifted up by the roller device. The usual lubrication of all slide chairs is not necessary anymore. By using CDP switch roller systems, significant and sustainable reduction of maintenance- and repair costs will be achieved.

CDP switch roller systems are available for every kind of rail section, fastening type and inner bracing system.

All advantages at a glance:

  • No lubrication required
  • Significant reduction of throw-force by 60%
  • Simple and fast adjustment
  • Small payback period
  • No impairment of mechanical tamping
  • Environmental friendly (No lubricants)
  • Low construction height of the retrofit switch roller < 40 mm
  • Suitable for solid slab track


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